How to properly treat the area from ticks on your own

Ticks are not just painful bites. They also carry very dangerous diseases, including encephalitis and borreliosis. Even a vaccination does not give a complete guarantee of protection, so many gardeners are trying to create the most unfavorable living conditions for ticks. The most effective in this regard is the treatment of the site with special chemicals. How to process and with what?

How to treat a garden area from ticks yourself

Most chemicals have a fairly quick effect, killing ticks 3-4 days after treatment. The effect of the procedure lasts up to several months.

General rules

To protect against ticks, chemicals are used - insectoacaricides. Therefore, it is very important to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the dosage and consumption of the drug. Most of them relate to medium- or low-toxic substances, but this does not negate the need to observe general safety measures:

  • It is impossible to carry out "targeted" treatment against mites. In the process, almost all insects die. Pets can also be injured if they come into contact with the sprayed grass and soil, so they must be removed from the site for 3-4 days. Pet poisoning manifests itself in the form of vomiting, problems with stools, lacrimation, skin irritation.

    The chemicals used to treat the site are potentially dangerous not only for ticks, but also for pets

  • The crop after anti-mite treatment can be harvested no earlier than after 3 weeks.

    The insectoacaricide sprayed during processing also gets on the fruits grown on the site

  • Be sure to use personal protective equipment to prevent the composition from getting on the skin and mucous membranes - a respirator, glasses, gloves, a hat, waterproof shoes, clothing made of thick fabric. Signs of chemical poisoning - persistent migraine, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, burning sensation in the respiratory tract.

    Respirator, goggles and rubber gloves - the minimum set of personal protective equipment that must be used when anti-mite treatment of the area

Check the area for ticks before and after the procedure. The easiest way to do this is with a white "flag". Tied to a long stick, a piece of fleecy cloth is slowly driven over the grass, preventing it from twisting and trying not to miss a single section. The check is carried out 1–2 days before the treatment of the area and 4–6 days after it.

The test with a white "flag" is practiced both on personal household plots, and in city parks, squares

Algorithm of actions

The procedure for treating a garden plot against ticks is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. Test with the "flag" for ticks.
  2. Prepare the composition by diluting the required amount of the chemical in a small (about 1 liter) volume of cool water. The solution must be thoroughly mixed for 2-3 minutes, then add water, bringing the volume up to the specified in the instructions. Use only freshly prepared composition. Pour liquid into a spray bottle or other container to which you can attach a spray bottle. Shake well.
  3. Dress appropriately. It is advisable to choose light-colored clothing - ticks are more noticeable on it. Be sure to tuck your pants into your shoes.
  4. On a cloudy, windless day, early in the morning or after sunset, carry out a complete cultivation of the site and the adjacent area (forest, meadow, glade, etc.), going beyond the fence by 0.5-1 m.
  5. When you are finished spraying, carefully examine your own clothing and body to make sure there are no mites.
  6. If possible, leave the site for the next 3 days... When you return, repeat the test to ensure that the treatment is effective.

It is necessary to spray the territory of the site with chemicals very carefully, trying to evenly treat all areas that ticks can choose for themselves

It is very important to know the following rules:

  • If the wind suddenly picks up, direct the sprayer away from you to avoid droplets flying in your direction.
  • Study the weather forecast in advance - precipitation on the day of processing or within 3 days after it will nullify your efforts.
  • Since ticks cannot fly, limit yourself to a height of 1.2–1.5 m by carefully spraying grass and bushes.
  • The thicker and higher the thickets, the more preparation is spent on their uniform processing.
  • Spraying tree crowns is a waste of working solution.
  • Shake the container periodically..

Up to two treatments are allowed during the season. The second - not earlier than three weeks after the first. The optimal time for the first procedure (unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise) is spring, before the leaves appear on the trees. Ticks are inactive at this time, spraying will not allow them to populate the territory. If necessary, the treatment is repeated after flowering - the chemicals are harmful to all insects, including bees.

Video: the procedure for treating a garden plot against ticks and preparation for it

Drugs used

The vast majority of the anti-tick chemicals on the market are contact. They enter the body through the chitinous cover and skin, causing paralysis and death:

  • Medilis-Ziper. A tool used by both professional exterminators and amateur gardeners. The manufacturer recommends treating the area in early spring or late autumn and not be on it for 3 days after the procedure. The spraying effect lasts for 40 days. A noticeable drawback is a very strong specific smell.

    Medilis-Ziper is available in different volumes, small vials are suitable for amateur gardeners

  • Quiet evening. A wide-spectrum smoke bomb that helps to get rid of any blood-sucking insects. Significant advantage - minimal human intervention is required for processing. It is enough to set fire to the wick and set the checker about 10 m from the desired area on the windward side. The fumigation process takes about 2 hours, one block is enough for 250 m². Particles of poisonous smoke settle on the soil and greenery. The effect lasts at least a month.

    Checker Quiet Evening is primarily positioned as a means of protecting against mosquitoes, but it is also quite effective against ticks.

  • Tsifox. One of the most popular products for professional disinfection services. It is appreciated by them for its effectiveness, but at the same time it is very toxic. Helps get rid of any parasites in the area. One treatment is enough for 2.5–3 months.

    The drug Tsifox is appreciated by professional pest controllers for its effectiveness, long-term results and a wide spectrum of action.

  • Ram. The drug takes longer to take effect (5–7 days), but this is partially offset by the duration of the effect (up to 2 months). The product destroys ticks, cockroaches, bedbugs, flies, ants, mosquitoes. Odorless, does not accumulate in soil and plant tissues.

    Taran is the safest for the ecosystem

  • Acarocide. A universal insectoacaricide that helps to get rid of ticks, ants, bedbugs (adults and larvae). Low toxicity, no characteristic odor, suitable for the treatment of living quarters. One procedure is enough for 30-40 days.

    The drug Akarocid can be used not only in open areas, but also in residential premises.

  • Bayteks 1000. Low-toxic insecticide, also recommended for the treatment of medical premises. Suitable for all types of mites. The effect lasts 25–35 days. If the procedure is not successful, repeated processing is allowed after 5-7 days.

    Byteks 1000 is a versatile insecticide suitable for tick control

  • Dobrokhim-FOS. A preparation for the extermination of ticks, ants, fleas, flies in open areas and in communal premises. Not used for living rooms. Does not cause poisoning in pets and livestock. The result is visible within 3-4 weeks.

    Dobrokhim-FOS is not dangerous for pets

  • Sipaz-Super. Concentrated emulsion that destroys both adult ticks and their larvae. It can be used both in open areas and indoors. It is odorless, leaves no residue after spraying, does not irritate mucous membranes. One treatment is enough for 2 months.

    The drug Sipaz-Super helps to get rid of both adult ticks and larvae

Video: important nuances of using Medilis-Tsiper

Ticks are carriers of serious diseases, so it is necessary to fight them by all available means. Most gardeners prefer to protect themselves by treating the site with special chemicals. Of course, the procedure will give the desired effect only if the manufacturer's instructions and precautions are followed.

Before using any chemicals, it is important to make sure that there are actually ticks in the country. No special skills or technique is needed here. It is enough to use a shank made of wood, wrap it with a white waffle towel.

Now, the main thing is to choose the right time to search for ticks. The most optimal time of day is morning, but the dew should already dry out. So, with a constructed handle, you need to slowly draw it over the grass.

If mites are present on the grass, they will definitely remain on the white towel. The disappointing results of the experiment indicate the need for urgent measures to combat ticks.

Destruction of ticks in the area

Getting rid of ticks at once will not work at all - the fight against parasites is seasonal. Treatment for ticks is usually carried out in the spring and autumn - at the peak of high activity.

Identification of ticks in the area

To kill ticks, the territory is usually treated with special preparations. These are strong poisons, dangerous not only for insects, but also for people and pets. In order not to put yourself at risk in vain, it is worth checking if there are ticks at all on the site.

Testing is carried out in the morning after the dew has melted. For this you will need:

  • white fabric (better embossed, like a waffle towel) - a square, about 1 meter
  • a long stick to which you need to attach the fabric.

With this "tick finder", you should slowly walk over the area, running the cloth over the grass. If there are no insects on the fabric, processing is not necessary. If they are found, disinfection is indispensable.

When performing the ritual, do not forget about repellent agents that will protect you from insect attacks.

Preparations for treating the area from ticks

In hardware stores, there are various mite repellents for treating the site. The main components in them are cypermethrin and fenthion. On the good side, the following acaricides have proven themselves:

Apply a pest control agent in residential and non-residential premises, and in open areas. In addition to ixodid ticks, the drug destroys cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes and their larvae.

Main active ingredient: fenthion.

The drug is diluted at the rate of: 10 ml per 1 liter of water. This amount is sufficient for the treatment of 1 hectare, if not densely covered with plants. With a thick grass cover, prepare 1.5 liters of emulsion.

After processing, it is advisable not to be on the territory for one week.

An aqueous emulsion with a high concentration of the basic substance. It is used to exterminate ticks in the area and to combat other insect pests in everyday life. The drug does not leave traces, has no odor and does not accumulate in space. The effectiveness of the product lasts about two months.

The active ingredient is zetacypermethrin.

The emulsion is prepared depending on the mass of mites accumulation on the site and the density of planting: from 2.5 to 7.5 ml of the product per 1 liter of water.

Concentrated product for the control of household insect pests and mites on the site. The action of the drug begins from the first minutes: the active substance (cypermethrin) enters the insect through the mouth and chitinous cover. The parasite is paralyzed and dies. The death of ticks occurs within half an hour. The effect of the substance on the territory lasts up to 6 weeks.

How to breed Tsifox from ticks at home:

The concentration of the emulsion depends on the mass infestation of the area by pests and the density of the vegetation cover. Prepared from the calculation: from 2.5 to 7.5 ml of the product per 1 liter of water.

The drug is in the form of white crystalline granules. Dissolved in water withstands concentration, does not delaminate and does not settle. The product is not dangerous for birds and microorganisms living in the soil. It is used for the destruction of insects in premises for various purposes.

The active ingredient is alphacypermethrin.

The amount of the product used depends on the density of the vegetation on the site. For 1 liter of water, dilute from 4 to 10 g of powder. The required amount is prepared on the basis that 100 liters of working suspension will be needed per hectare of area.

Any of the drugs is diluted immediately before use and used within 8 hours.

It is also important to calculate the amount of solution for a specific area so that there is no unspent funds left that will require disposal.

To find out which of the tools is better, you will have to apply it in practice. Moreover, the tool should be assessed not only by its effectiveness, but also by how negatively it affects the human body. Since there are a lot of means of struggle, it is difficult to immediately choose an effective, and safe, and cheap one. On the Internet, many leave their feedback on certain means of struggle. Based on these reviews, a number of drugs are formed that deserve attention.


This drug is of domestic development and is produced by the cosmetic company "Biogard". Designed to provide reliable protection against all types of ticks. The drug affects the nervous and respiratory systems of parasites, which leads to paralysis and further death. The substance acts instantly, so that the parasites have no chance of harming human health.

Recommendations for use:

  • The drug should be applied to clothing or other travel equipment.
  • The product is not recommended to be applied to the skin.
  • It is best to apply the product outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. The processing distance is about 20 cm. Do not process areas adjacent to the human body.
  • It is permissible to put on processed clothes only after 2 hours, while wearing underwear as well.

OFF! Extreme

It is a drug manufactured in the UK by SC Yohnson. It can be applied both to open areas of the human body and to clothing. The agent repels parasites within 4 hours after spraying. It can be used to protect children who have reached 3 years of age. It protects from such blood-sucking insects as mosquitoes for about 8 hours.

The drug has a very pleasant aroma and does not leave any marks or greasy stains on clothes. It is allowed to apply to the skin no more than 2 times a day, while it is not recommended to process the face area. Clothes are sprayed about 1 time in 2 days, but not less often.

Medilis - Comfort

The drug is produced by LLC "Laboratory of Copper LIS" specifically for the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but at the same time it is present on the market and is sold to ordinary citizens.

The drug of domestic production is two-component and is intended to protect humans from all types of ticks, as well as from various types of blood-sucking insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, horseflies, etc. Only clothing is allowed to be processed, after which it should be dried within 2 hours.It is better to spray the product outdoors, and clothes are best worn over underwear.

The active ingredients protect a person from ticks for almost 2 weeks, and from other parasites for as long as 20 days.

The shelf life of the insecticidal-repellent agent is 4 years after manufacture.

Gardex extreme

The drug is also of domestic development and is intended to protect humans from all types of ticks and blood-sucking parasites. The preparation contains an innovative 3-component active ingredient UNIMAX. The product is not recommended for the protection of children and pregnant women. Protects humans from ticks for 5 days. Suitable for processing exclusively natural fabrics. There is a lock on the lid that protects the package from spontaneous spraying.


This is an electronic device that emits ultrasound and protects an object from ticks within a radius of up to 3 meters. It has a rather small size and is suitable for use by both children and pregnant women. Has a modern design and is made of impact-resistant plastic.

The device has an indication that signals the selected operating modes, as well as the state of charge of the batteries. The device does not have a negative effect not only on humans, but also on pets. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Breeze Anti-tick

Produced by the Novosibirsk JSC SIBIAR. The drug has been developed for as long as 15 years by order of state law enforcement agencies to protect against taiga ticks. The maximum concentration of the active substance is concentrated in the preparation, which makes the preparation highly effective.

The drug is applied exclusively to clothing. If the substance gets on the skin, then it must be washed off immediately with water. Before putting on clothes, it is better to dry them for a couple of hours, and be sure to wear them over underwear. The remedy works for a maximum of 2 weeks.


The drug is manufactured in the USA by the company "ZM" and is intended to protect against all types of ticks, as well as other types of insects.

The drug is applied to open areas of the body, while it is permissible to apply it to the face. Before applying to the face, the drug is sprayed onto the hands and rubbed thoroughly, after which it is applied to the face, around the eyes and around the mouth. Moreover, such areas of the body should not have wounds of any nature. To neutralize the product, it is enough to rinse it off with water after taking a shower. In addition to the body, you can also process clothes that should not be leather. The formula of the product is such that the substance is highly resistant to moisture and sweat.

Ultra Thon works for 12 hours.

Not afraid of low temperatures. Expiration date - up to 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Komaroff Anti-tick

Means of domestic production, which is produced by JSC "GROUP OF COMPANIES CHEMIK".

It can only be used for handling clothing and other equipment. The tool is able to protect a person from all types of blood-sucking parasites, as well as all types of ticks. Things should be processed outdoors from a distance of about 20 cm, after which they must be dried for several hours (no more than 3). Retains protective properties for 10 days. In case of contact with the skin, the product must be washed off immediately with soap and water. During the spraying process, it is necessary to protect the mucous membranes and respiratory organs.

Forbidden to use to protect children and pregnant women.

Retains its properties for 3 years from the date of release.


Domestic development produced by Mechta LLC. The purpose of the product is to fight all types of ticks, as well as scare off other parasites.

It is applied mainly to clothing and lasts for 2 weeks.

To treat surfaces, it is best to take your clothes outside or use a well-ventilated area.

It is forbidden to use to protect pregnant women and children.

After use, wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap and water.

Retains its effectiveness up to 3 years after manufacture.


Domestic remedy, which is produced by the "Arnest" company. Its use allows you to protect a person, both from the bites of any types of ticks, and other blood-sucking insects.

The product should be used to process products made from natural fabrics. If clothes are stored in plastic bags, then the product retains its characteristics for 3 days. It is forbidden to handle children's clothing. In cases of contact of the substance on open areas of the body, and even more so on the mucous membranes of a person, it is necessary to immediately wash off the product with plenty of water. If necessary, you need to seek help from specialists.

You can buy such a remedy at pharmacies.

Retains its characteristics for 2 years after production, the date of which is indicated on the packaging.

Treatment of grass from ticks

Ticks live at ground level and rarely rise more than 1 meter above it. This space usually contains fruit, berry and ornamental shrubs, flowers and herbs. It is this vegetation that should be given special attention when disinfesting the site. In order for the treatment of grass from mites to be as effective as possible, the lawn must be mowed regularly. The longer the grass, the easier and more comfortable it is for insects to hide in it.

If you have ticks in your area, the cut grass must be properly disposed of, otherwise parasites will most likely use it as a wintering place. Leaving the grass where you cut it is also undesirable, as its decomposition will attract pests.

  • Make a pit on the site where you can burn grass and compost.
  • Immediately after you finish mowing the lawn, collect the grass in heaps and take it to the pit.
  • Put the grass in a hole and burn it, if necessary, wait until it dries, but no more than a few days.
  • Alternatively, you can collect the grass in bags and remove it from the site along with the rest of the rubbish.

Ornamental grasses and plants are treated by spraying with insecticides during disinsection of the entire area.

Preparations for ticks at their summer cottage


The professional product is produced in the form of a concentrate. Dissolve the liquid from the mites in cold water. 5 ml of concentrate is diluted with 1 liter of water. The amount of the finished solution is calculated based on the area. 50 ml of the concentrated preparation is enough to kill ticks on 10 acres. It is recommended to process the garden, lawn, yard in early spring, late autumn, or 3 days before a family or company is planning to visit nature. The action lasts 40 days.


Insectoacaricidal drug with a wide spectrum of action. The active ingredient is permethrin. The solution is prepared just before processing. 1 liter of cool water requires 2.5 ml of concentrate. 100 liters of ready-made solution is enough to poison ticks on 1 hectare of area. The Taran remedy is effective after treatment for about 50 days.


You can protect yourself from ticks in the country with the help of a proven domestic product. The concentrated insecticide contains an active substance and a synergist to enhance the effect. A 50 ml bottle is enough to kill mites on 100 sq. M. The price of the drug is 390 rubles. For 1 liter of cold water, 10 ml of concentrate is consumed. The maximum effect lasts 15 days.

Quiet evening

Smoke bomb for blood-sucking insects, including ticks. Easy to use, does not require complex preparatory manipulations. The active substance is in a tin can, there is also peat there. After lighting the wick, the checker begins to smolder, toxic smoke is released into the air. The checker should be installed 10 m from the place that needs to be protected, in the direction of the wind.

The advantage of the drug is in the passive participation of a person, the processing is carried out independently within 2 hours. Poisonous particles settle on the surface of grass, leaves of shrubs, trees, the radius of action is 250 sq. m. The properties are preserved for about a month. It is allowed to come to nature 3 days after pest control.

Also effective are Cifox, Dr. Klaus, Ixoder, Cypermethrin. Chemical treatment for ticks is highly effective, but not safe, so many people prefer to use less effective methods of control.

Working with acariciades

There are a number of drugs that have long been popular in the processing of a summer cottage.

For example, Ram, Samarovka-insecticide, Akaritoks, Force-Site... You can also use Tsifox, Sipas Super, Breeze and Alfatrin.

All of them can be bought in hardware stores in the public domain, therefore, as soon as the snow has melted, you already need to go to the country house and carry out tillage in advance. Indeed, with the first heat, ticks begin to lay off larvae and actively reproduce - then it is much more difficult to fight them.

Working with acaricides is generally safe, but you still need to take all sorts of safety measures so as not to harm yourself and your loved ones. Therefore, carefully follow the instructions, do not forget that you are dealing with poisons. You need to protect your skin and arm yourself with a gauze bandage and rubber gloves.

Dress in as close-fitting clothes as possible so that the chemicals do not penetrate your skin - an allergic reaction or burns may occur. You need to process those places where there is especially thick grass or bushes, as well as where people usually rest. That is, it is necessary to process the area with sun loungers and hammocks, hiking trails and recreation areas, for example, the vegetation by the children's pool.

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