What plants are suitable for a white solar flower bed

The flower beds, which are located in the sunniest parts of the garden, always attract attention. In order for the plants planted there to take root, you need to choose exclusively sun-loving flowers. Correctly selected plants that tolerate heat well will delight the whole season.


The Patriot variety is considered the most beautiful of the hosta species and can grow in places where other plants are unable to survive. The unpretentious culture quickly forms a lush bush and reaches a height of 50 cm and a width of up to 60 cm. The root leaves of the plant develop on long petioles and have a slightly corrugated surface. The wide leaf plate is dark green in color with a white edging along the edges, the leaf length is about 15 cm.

The plant blooms from mid to late summer, its small flowers appear on bare peduncles, which can be from 20 cm to 1 meter high.

The flowers are painted in lilac or violet shades, collected in lush inflorescences and outwardly resemble bells. From 10 to 20 buds are formed on one inflorescence. A powerful ornamental shrub is almost not susceptible to diseases and is not picky about the composition of the soil. The Patriot variety is resistant to hot weather, tolerates frost well and can grow in one place for more than 10 years.


The perennial Bridal Veil, also called Brautschleier, is the most beautiful variety in the White Astilbe category with a lush bloom. The shrub grows rapidly and forms erect shoots up to 80 cm high. They are covered with carved leaves, which are brown at first, and turn green in summer.

Astilba blooms in July for two weeks. The plant forms a loose inflorescence up to 30 cm high with snow-white petals.

When planting, you need to maintain a distance between several bushes, since the plant is spreading. Astilba grows in moist fertile soil, with regular watering it can withstand the bright sun, while delighting with abundant flowering. Slightly acidic and neutral soil compositions are best for planting, in an acidic environment the root system of astilba begins to rot. The variety tolerates frost well and does not require shelter for the winter.

Tiarella Verry

Tiarella Verri is a perennial ornamental plant that forms small bushes up to 30 cm high. It has no lateral shoots, leaves with a decorative pattern in the central part are painted in a rich green color. On straight long peduncles, brush-shaped inflorescences are formed, which consist of small snow-white flowers , sometimes with a pinkish tinge. Abundant flowering occurs in May-June, the plant does not tolerate frost, so it should be covered for the winter. Thiarella grows well in loamy, moist, loose, slightly acidic or neutral soil. After planting, the plant should be watered every day for two weeks.

Horny Goat Weed

A herbaceous perennial plant, lush mountain Goat weed, grows up to 25 cm in height under good conditions. The variety has feathery green leaves that have a slightly pink tint in spring. Horny Goat Weed has thin threadlike inflorescences, on which strong peduncles are formed with loose inflorescences and small white flowers hanging down.

Iberis evergreen

Other names for evergreen Iberis are stennik, golden flower or variegated. Iberis shrub grows no more than 50 cm in height, it has many dense branches, which are tree-like in the lower part, and tender and flexible above. Its spreading erect shoots stretch upward, the plant has oblong dark green leaves about 3 cm long and located very close to each other.

The buds form in late May, the plant blooms for about eight weeks.

On the fluffy shrub of Iberis, snow-white flowers appear in the shape of an umbrella with a diameter of up to 1.5 cm.They are collected in racemose inflorescences with a diameter of about 5 cm, each of them has 30-40 flowers.During abundant flowering, the leaves are not visible due to the many inflorescences, one bush can have up to a thousand flowers. The first flowering of the snow leopard begins the next year after planting.

Echinacea purpurea

Herbaceous perennial echinacea variety "White Swan" is a tall plant that grows in one place for 5-6 years. The bush grows up to 90 cm in height, in width - up to 70 cm, it has green serrated leaves with a pointed end, and the stem is covered with small sharp bristles along its entire length. Spectacular large flowers with snow-white ligulate petals with a convex brown center reach 12 cm in diameter ... Each of them is located on long peduncles, the blossoming flowers exude a light honey aroma. The flowering is abundant and long, starting in July and ending in mid-August. This variety should be planted in fertile soils that are rich in nutrients, and places with possible stagnant water should be avoided when planting.

Phlox paniculata

The unpretentious herb Phlox paniculata variety "David" is a perennial that can grow in various light conditions and tolerate frost well. A compact, sturdy shrub with erect stems that grow up to 150 cm in height. The leaves are colored in a dark green shade. The phlox flower consists of five petals, which are painted in pure white color, their diameter is about 4 cm. They are collected in dense rounded conical inflorescences, sometimes they are solitary. Flowering lasts from June to September, the snow-white buds exude a pleasant aroma. For a long and lush flowering, the plant needs regular moisture. Phlox is resistant to diseases and will grow well in loose soil fertilized with minerals - it should be moist, but without stagnant water.

Low-growing flowers blooming all summer for a flower bed, photos and names

By planting long-flowering plants in flower beds, we will make the garden beautiful from spring to late autumn. Long-flowering species are not difficult to care for. When decorating a plot or a small garden, I want to plant plants in the beds that will delight with beauty for a long time. There is often a need to choose undersized species.

Low garden plants are much more widely used in the garden than high ones: in addition to their main function - creating decorative beds, they are suitable for decorating borders, rock gardens, planting around trees and shrubs. Consider low-growing garden flowers that bloom all summer long that won't disappoint us.

  1. Annual long-blooming flowers
  2. Marigold
  3. Begonia
  4. Sage sparkling
  5. Zinnia graceful
  6. Verbena hybrid
  7. Stemless thistle
  8. Gerbil thyme-leaved (arenaria)
  9. Long-flowering low-growing perennials
  10. Phlox subulate
  11. Alissum
  12. Coreopsis lanceolate
  13. Blood red geranium
  14. Heuchera
  15. Sunflower (stone flower)
  16. Catnip
  17. Armeria seaside
  18. Serpentine (highlander) kindred
  19. Yarrow (Ptarmika)
  20. Narrow-leaved lavender
  21. Carnation herb
  22. Bell
  23. Evening primrose or primrose
  24. Fuopsis
  25. Conclusion

Thin-leaved peony

  • Official name: Paeonia tenuifolia
  • Flowering period: from late April to early June
  • Advantage: foliage forming an ideal backdrop for low-growing flowers
  • Flowerbed partners:rudbeckia, gray carnation, knifophya

Fashion is cyclical: what was forgotten the day before yesterday will become relevant tomorrow. There are a lot of examples of this, and not only in clothes. The thin-leaved peony has been remembered by many since the times of the Soviet Union. And now the public's attention is again riveted on this handsome man. The highlight of the charming flora is its foliage. No, no, it also blooms incredibly spectacularly, but it is the foliage that remains bright and juicy after the thin-leaved peony fades. By the end of spring, the gardener will have the opportunity to watch the tight buds bloom on the dense bushes. And when they disappear, the peony bushes will turn into an ideal background for other, smaller flowers.

2. Meadow chamomile, or common daisy

Who, if not our beloved chamomile, smiles so happily in the bright sun in summer. Common lemongrass (Leucanthemum vulgare Lam) is a fairly independent plant. The simplicity and grace of the flower in combination with oriental poppy, forest mallow, chamomile aster, yarrow and even scabiosa will give some field flavor to your site, and if you add blue cornflower and meadow sage to the flower bed, then the gentle blue will favorably emphasize the snow-white of meadow chamomile.

↑ Fragrant tobacco

A completely unpretentious annual plant. It happens that after winter new shoots may appear. They are left at will or removed. Virtually no maintenance is required. It is only in the early stages that weeds need to be removed, since it will not allow scented tobacco to grow. But then it is no longer so important.

Gorgeous bushes, growing, fill the bald patches in the flower bed, and also serve as a backdrop for low-growing plants. In the evening, throughout the estate there is an original pleasant aroma of these subtle, but amazing flowers.

House for flowers

Beautiful plants need a beautiful home, don't they? Let's look at the most popular types of flower beds and plants recommended for growing on them.

Regular flower bed

Under this dry name lies only ... geometry, because flowers are planted here in geometric order.

Regular flower bed

Moreover, the flower bed itself can be of any shape. The symmetry of the arrangement of plants can be clearly emphasized or barely discernible - according to your taste. When creating regular flower beds, you need to choose those plants that bloom at the same time:

  • hybrid tea roses
  • hosts
  • astilbe
  • daffodils
  • lilies
  • gladioli and many others.

You can choose perennial flowers on our market, where products from various online stores are presented.

In addition, the height of flowers for a regular flower bed should be more or less the same, that is, the principle of symmetry is observed in everything.

Irregular flower bed

But here is where to turn around! A variety of plants can be planted on irregular flower beds: dwarf forms of trees and shrubs, perennial and annual flowers with different flowering periods.

Irregular flower bed

And some practical summer residents manage to add vegetable crops to all this splendor: pumpkin, ornamental cabbage, lettuce and many others. Indeed, why not? Imagine you too!

Raised flower bed

Impressive design! Decorated with stone, vines, colored tiles and even marble, it can become the highlight of any garden.

Raised flower bed

Multi-stage raised flower beds are very effective, the creation of which requires a lot of effort, building materials and money. The article Create a raised flower garden: how to build and what soil to use will help you cope with all the stages of the device. And here you can plant whatever your darling wishes: cream and yellow daffodils in combination with pink and yellow tulips look spectacular. And one-year-old petunias, and biennial violets, and perennial lilies of the valley may well become a frame for a flower bed.



It can be of any shape, but it is filled with colors of the same type.

I'll tell you a little about my favorite colors. It is possible to write more than one article to describe the merits of all, so I will limit myself to the top three.

Colorful and graceful chamomile

Many exotic plants can be grown, but if your garden does not have common chamomile (Leucanthemum vulgare Lam), then who will smile so uniquely joyfully at the sun in the morning? And who will answer our main question about love and not love? No, you can't do without chamomile. Especially in the presence of Turkish poppy and blue cornflower, chamomile creates a field color that will pleasantly refresh the site, make it dear to the heart and pleasant to the eye. It goes well with common daisy (chamomile) forest mallow, chamomile aster, scabiosa, yarrow, bellflower and meadow sage.

This plant is often used in folk medicine. However, you should not use it haphazardly, like any other medicines.

Actually, a white chamomile flower will always find itself a pleasant neighborhood. Chamomile is a perennial, which can be 15 and 80 cm in height. Its stem can be branched or simple single. The chamomile inflorescence has the shape of a basket. The plant blooms in June-September. This plant reproduces not only by seeds, which each specimen produces in the amount of 2-5 thousand pieces, but also by vegetative means. Chamomile can overwinter in the form of a rosette, and the next year flowering stems are already formed in it.

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